84000 Glossary of Terms

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སྐྱེ་མཆེད། | Glossary of Terms

  • སྐྱེ་མཆེད།

  • skye mched
  • āyatana
  • Term
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These can be listed as twelve or as six sense sources (sometimes also called sense fields, bases of cognition, or simply āyatanas):

In context of epistemology, it is one way of describing experience and the world in terms of twelve sense sources, which can be divided into inner and outer sense sources, namely: (1–2) eye and form, (3–4) ear and sound, (5–6) nose and odor, (7–8) tongue and taste, (9–10) body and touch, (11–12) mind and mental phenomena.

In the context of the twelve links of dependent origination, only six sense sources are mentioned, and they are the inner sense sources (similar to the six faculties) of eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind. (Provisional 84000 definition. New definition forthcoming.)