The Tengyur

  • Tib.: བསྟན་འགྱུར།
  • bstan 'gyur (sde dge)

First published 2010. Last updated 30th Jul 2023.

The collected treatises: the Tibetan translations of scriptural works by the great Indian Buddhist masters.

Brief guides to the Tengyur and its subdivisions will be added to this “Learn more...” button, and those within the various section views, over the coming months.

As noted above, the Tengyur is included in this version of the Reading Room “lobby” for preliminary reference and gradual development, although 84000 (with the exception of a single project) has not yet started to focus resources on Tengyur translations. Even the “lobby” details of this Tengyur section‍—the titles, etc.‍—require extensive editing.