General Unexcelled Yoga tantra works (Tengyur Section)

  • Tib.: bla med rgyud spyi’i dgongs ’grel/

First published 2010. Last updated 30th Jul 2023.

Commentaries on the Unexcelled Yoga tantras in general (Toh 2217-2500)

The next 284 works (Toh 2217-2500, filling 3 volumes) are described in the dkar chag as belonging to the group of commentaries on Unexcelled Yoga tantra in general (rnal ’byor bla na med pa’i rgyud spyi’i dgongs ’grel gyi skor), dealing with the view, meditation, action, and fruit.

That description seems to apply particularly to the first 46 works (Toh 2217-2262) on a variety of topics related to tantra practice.

These are followed by a series of 52 works (Toh 2263-2314) that teach Mahāmudrā, including songs (dohā) by Saraha, Tilopa, Nāropa, and Virūpa.

The following 11 works (Toh 2315-2325) are a group of pith-instructions on the tradition of “Pacifying” (zhi byed).

The topics of the remaining 175 works (Toh 2326-2500) in this section are not clearly set out in the dkar chag, although the first few works appear to belong to a group on the development stage (bskyed rim gyi skor) whose end is not marked. The verse conclusion of the section mentions that these texts deal with the view and practice of Unexcelled Yoga tantra, the meaning of empowerment, the vows and samayas, gaṇacakra, consecration, and so forth.