Ocean of Sādhanas (Tengyur Section)

  • Skt.: sādhanasāgara
  • Tib.: sgrub thabs rgya mtsho/

First published 2010. Last updated 30th Jul 2023.

A collection of 245 short liturgies translated by Trakpa Gyaltsen (Toh 3400-3644)

A distinct collection of 245 short sādhanas, centered on a wide range of deities and known as the Ocean of Sādhanas (sgrub thabs rga mtsho, or Sādhanasāgara, also known as sgrub thabs kun las btus pa, or Sādhanasamuccaya ).

All 245 works were translated at Sakya in 1286 by Yarlung Lotsāwa Trakpa Gyaltsen (yar klungs lo tsA ba grags pa rgyal mtshan, 1242–1346), who received the transmission from “the great paṇḍita Gautama” through the “great paṇḍita Kīrticandra.”

The collection is closely related to a collection of sādhanas in Sanskrit found in two manuscripts of the 12th and 13th centuries, known as the Sādhanamāla (Bhattacaryya, B., Baroda, 1925).