84000 Glossary of Terms

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གཙུག་ཏོར། | Glossary of Terms

  •  གཙུག་ཏོར།

  • གཙུག་ཏོར།
  • དབུ་སྤྱི་གཙུག
  • དབུའི་གཙུག་ཏོར།
  • སྤྱི་གཙུག
  • ཨུཥྞཱི་ཥ།
  • gtsug tor
  • spyi gtsug
  • dbu’i gtsug tor
  • uSh+NI Sha
  • dbu spyi gtsug
  •  gtsug tor
  • uṣṇi
  • uṣṇīṣa
  • uṣṇīṣa­śiraskatā
  •  uṣṇīṣa
  • uṣṇīṣaśīrṣa
  • Term
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One of the thirty-two signs, or major marks, of a great being. In its simplest form it is a pointed shape of the head like a turban (the Sanskrit term, uṣṇīṣa, in fact means “turban”), or more elaborately a dome-shaped extension. The extension is described as having various extraordinary attributes such as emitting and absorbing rays of light or reaching an immense height.