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གཟུགས་མེད་པའི་ཁམས། | Glossary of Terms

  • གཟུགས་མེད་ཀྱི་ཁམས།

  • གཟུགས་མེད་ཁམས།
  • གཟུགས་མེད་པ།
  • གཟུགས་མེད་པའི་ཁམས།
  • gzugs med pa’i khams
  • gzugs med kyi khams
  • gzugs med khams
  • gzugs med pa
  • arūpadhātu
  • ārūpyadhātu
  • arūpaloka
  • ārūpadhātu
  • arūpyadhātu
  • arūpa
  • ārūpyadhatu
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The highest and subtlest of the three realms of saṃsāra in Buddhist cosmology. Here beings are no longer bound by materiality and enjoy a purely mental state of absorption. It is divided in four levels according to each of the four formless concentrations (ārūpyāvacaradhyāna), namely, the Sphere of Infinite Space (ākāśānantyāyatana), the Sphere of Infinite Consciousness (vijñānānantyāyatana), the Sphere of Nothingness (a­kiñ­canyāyatana), and the Sphere of Neither Perception nor Non-perception (naiva­saṃjñā­nāsaṃjñāyatana). The formless realm is located above the other two realms of saṃsāra, the form realm (rūpadhātu) and the desire realm (kāmadhātu).