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སྒྲིབ་པ་ལྔ། | Glossary of Terms

  • སྒྲིབ་པ་ལྔ།

  • sgrib pa lnga
  • pañca nīvaraṇāni
  • pañcanivaraṇa
  • pañca­nivaraṇāni
  • pañcanīvaraṇa
  • nīvaraṇa
  • Term
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Five impediments to meditation (bsam gtan, dhyāna): sensory desire (’dod pa la ’dun pa, kāmacchanda), ill will (gnod sems, vyāpāda), drowsiness and torpor (rmugs pa dang gnyid, styānamiddha), agitation and regret (rgod pa dang ’gyod pa, auddhatya­kaukṛtya), and doubt (the tshom, vicikitsā).