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སྒྲུབ་པ། | Glossary of Terms

  • སྒྲུབ་ཐབས།

  • སྒྲུབ་པ།
  • སྒྲུབ་པའི་ཐབས།
  • sgrub pa
  • sgrub thabs
  • sgrub pa’i thabs
  • sādhana
  • Term
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Derived from the Sanskrit verb √sādh, “to accomplish,” the term sādhana most generically refers to any method that brings about the accomplishment of a desired goal. In Buddhist literature, the term is often specifically applied to tantric practices that involve ritual engagement with deities, mantra recitation, the visualized creation and dissolution of deity maṇḍalas, etc. Sādhanas are aimed at both actualizing spiritual attainments (siddhi) and reaching liberation. The Tibetan translation sgrub thabs means “method of accomplishment.”