84000 Glossary of Terms

Our trilingual glossary combining entries from all of our publications into one useful resource, giving translations and definitions of thousands of terms, people, places, and texts from the Buddhist canon.

ཁམས་བཅྭ་བརྒྱད། | Glossary of Terms

  • ཁམས་བཅོ་བརྒྱད།

  • ཁམས་བཅྭ་བརྒྱད།
  • ཁམས་བཅྭོ་བརྒྱད།
  • khams bcwa brgyad
  • khams bco brgyad
  • khams bcwo brgyad
  • aṣṭādaśa­dhātu
  • aṣṭadaśadhātu
  • Term
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