84000 Glossary of Terms

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མི་ཁོམ་བརྒྱད། | Glossary of Terms

  • མི་ཁོམ་པ་བརྒྱད་པོ།

  • མི་ཁོམ་པ་བརྒྱད།
  • མི་ཁོམ་བརྒྱད།
  • mi khom brgyad
  • mi khom pa brgyad
  • mi khom pa brgyad po
  • aṣṭākṣaṇa
  • aṣṭākṣaṇāni
  • aṣṭākṣana
  • Term
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A set of circumstances that do not provide the freedom to practice the Buddhist path: being born in the realms of (1) the hells, (2) hungry ghosts (pretas), (3) animals, or (4) long-lived gods, or in the human realm among (5) barbarians or (6) extremists, (7) in places where the Buddhist teachings do not exist, or (8) without adequate faculties to understand the teachings where they do exist.