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བྷ་ར་དྭ་ཛ། | Glossary of Terms


    bha ra dwa dza


  • Person
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Translation by Peter Alan Roberts
  • Bharadvāja
  • བྷ་ར་དྭ་ཛ།
  • bha ra dwa dza
  • Bharadvāja

One of the principal śrāvaka pupils of Śākyamuni. It is said that his previous lives had been in hells and then as a human he had only stones to eat because of his mistreatment of his mother in one lifetime.

Translation by Julia Stenzel · Ngawang Rinchen Gyaltsen · Tsewang Gyaltsen
  • Bharadvāja
  • བྷ་ར་དྷབ༹་ཛ།
  • bha ra dh+va dza
  • Bharadvāja

Śrāvaka arhat; one of the sixteen sthavira arhats (see “elder”).

Translation by Benjamin Collet-Cassart
  • Bharadvāja
  • བྷ་ར་དབ༹་ཛ།
  • bha ra dva dza
  • Bharadvāja

One of the disciples of the Buddha. One of the first ten to be ordained.

Translation by Wiesiek Mical
  • Bharadvāja
  • Bharadvāja

One of the śrāvakas attending the delivery of the MMK.