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    gang gA


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Translation by Robert Miller
  • Bhāgīrathī
  • ཆུ་ཀླུང་སྐལ་ལྡན་ཤིང་རྟ།
  • chu klung skal ldan shing rta
  • Bhāgīrathī

Another name for the river Gaṇgā, mentioned by the teacher Sañjayin in encouraging Śāriputra and Maudgalyāyana to seek out the Buddha who was born on its banks.

Translation by Fumi Yao
  • Bhāgīrathī
  • སྐལ་ལྡན་ཤིང་རྟ།
  • skal ldan shing rta
  • Bhāgīrathī

“Fortunate Chariot,” an epithet of the Ganges.

Translation by Wiesiek Mical
  • Bhāgīrāthī
  • གང་གཱ།
  • gang gA
  • Bhāgīrāthī

One of the three branches of the river Gaṅgā in its early course.