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ལུས་འཕགས་པོ། | Glossary of Terms

  • ལུས་དཔག

  • ལུས་འཕགས་གླིང་།
  • ལུས་འཕགས་པོ།
  • ལུས་འཕགས།
  • ཤར་གྱི་ལུས་འཕགས།
  • lus ’phags po
  • lus ’phags
  • shar gyi lus ’phags
  • lus dpag
  • lus ’phags gling
  • pūrvavideha
  • videha
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  • Place
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One of the four main continents that surround Sumeru, the central mountain in classical Buddhist cosmology. It is the eastern continent, characterized as “sublime in physique,” and it is semicircular in shape. The humans who live there are twice as tall as those from our southern continent, and live for 250 years. It is known as Videha and Pūrva­videha.