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    kun tu sbyor ba


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A set of ten concepts and emotional reactions that perpetuate one’s continued rebirth in saṃsāra: false attribution of a self based in relation to the aggregates (satkāyadṛṣṭi; ’jig tshogs la lta ba), doubt (vicikitsā; the tshom), privileging rituals and observances (śīla­vrata­parāmarśa; tshul khrims dang brtul zhugs mchog tu ’dzin pa), craving sense pleasures (kāmarāga; ’dod pa la ’dod chags), malice (vyāpāda; gnod sems), craving rebirth in the realm of subtle form (rūparāga; gzugs la chags pa), craving rebirth in the realm of the immaterial (arūpyarāga; gzugs med pa’i ’dod chags), pride (māna; nga rgyal), mental agitation (auddhatya; rgod pa), and ignorance (avidyā; ma rig pa).