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ལག་ན་གཞོང་ཐོགས། | Glossary of Terms


    lag na gzhong thogs


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Translation by Peter Alan Roberts
  • Karoṭapāṇi
  • ལག་ན་གཞོང་ཐོགས།
  • lag na gzhong thogs
  • Karoṭapāṇi

One of the three classes of yakṣas at the base of Sumeru, below the paradises of the mahārājas, as part of the lowest class of paradises in the desire realm. Their name means “those who have basins in their hands.” They are said to be at the very base of Sumeru, and worry that the rising ocean is going to flood them. Because they are continually bailing out water with the basins, they are unable to follow the path to enlightenment.

Translation by Wiesiek Mical
  • Karoṭapāṇi
  • གཞོང་ཐོགས།
  • gzhong thogs
  • karoṭapāṇi

A class of godlings, probabably related to yakṣas.