Sponsor a Sūtra

Sponsor a Sūtra is an opportunity to support the complete translation of a major text into a modern language. Through your generous patronage, you are making an important investment in the future of the Buddhadharma.

How much does it cost to sponsor?

The length of the sūtras varies considerably, and sponsorship opportunities are available for texts of:

  • 50 pages (US$ 20,000)
  • 100 pages (US$ 40,000)
  • 150 pages (US$ 60,000)
  • 200 pages (US$ 80,000)
  • Or more

Your sponsorship will provide the funding required for translation work, however, for administrative purposes all donations are considered unrestricted contributions, and where necessary some funds may be used in other areas of programmatic work including editorial research, digital markup, translation tool development, and project management.

How are donors acknowledged?

Sūtra sponsors are recognized in the “Acknowledgements” section of their sponsored publication, which is made freely available in the 84000 Reading Room. In appreciation of your generous support, all the names and dedication messages are also offered for prayers during the Dzongsar Mönlam prayer festivals held biennially in Bodhgaya, India.

Who can sponsor?

A sūtra can be sponsored by an individual, a family, or in the name of a group, such as a company, a sangha, or a temple.

Texts Available for Sponsorship

For more information, please contact Huang Jing Rui, executive director, at: sutrasponsors@84000.co