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འཛའ་མག་ནི། | Glossary of Terms


    ’dza’ mag ni


  • Person
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Translation by Fumi Yao
  • Jamadagni
  • མེ་འབར།
  • me ’bar
  • Jamadagni

A ṛṣi in the past.

Translation by Peter Alan Roberts
  • Jamadagni
  • འཛའ་མག་ནི།
  • ’dza’ mag ni
  • Jamadagni
  • Jāmadagni

One of the seven great rishis of ancient India. Also known as the father of Paraśurāma, the sixth incarnation of Viṣṇu.

Translation by Wiesiek Mical
  • Jāmadagni
  • ཛ་མ་ད་གྣི།
  • dza ma da g+ni
  • Jāmadagni

One of the sages (ṛṣi).