Chapters on Monastic Discipline


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The Chapter on Going Forth

རབ་ཏུ་འབྱུང་བའི་གཞི། · rab tu ’byung ba’i gzhi


“The Chapter on Going Forth” is the first of seventeen chapters in The Chapters on Monastic Discipline, a four-volume work which outlines the statutes and procedures that govern life in a Buddhist monastic community. This first chapter traces the development of the rite by which postulants were admitted into the monastic order, from Buddha Śākyamuni’s informal invitation to “Come, join me,” to the more elaborate “Present Day Rite.” Along the way, the posts of preceptor and instructor are introduced, their responsibilities defined, and a dichotomy between reliable monks and immature novices described. While the heart of the chapter is a transcript of the “Present Day Rite,” the text is interwoven with numerous narrative asides, depicting the spiritual ferment of the north Indian region of Magadha during the Buddha’s lifetime, the follies of untrained and unsupervised apprentices, and the need for a formal system of tutelage.

Title variants

  • འདུལ་བ་གཞི་ལས། རབ་ཏུ་འབྱུང་བའི་གཞི།
  • ’dul ba gzhi las/ rab tu ’byung ba’i gzhi
  • “The Chapter on Going Forth” from The Chapters on Monastic Discipline
  • Vinayavastu Pravrajyāvastu
  • 「律儀根本」之《出家根本》
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Chapter 2: On the Rite of Restoration

གསོ་སྦྱོང་གི་གཞི། · gso sbyong gi gzhi/


Describes the twice-monthly poṣadha ceremony performed by monks, nuns, and novices in which the ordained confess infractions against their vows, thereby purifying and restoring them.

Title variants

  • 律本事之「說戒本事」
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Chapter 3: On the Relaxation of Restrictions

དགག་དབྱེའི་གཞི། · dgag dbye'i gzhi/


Describes the pravāraṇā ceremony in which certain restrictions adopted for the rains retreat are relaxed, marking the end of the rains retreat.

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Chapter 4: On the Rains

དབྱར་གྱི་གཞི། · dbyar gyi gzhi/


Describes the timing and procedures for the annual rains retreat.

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Chapter 5: On Leather

ཀོ་ལྤགས་ཀྱི་གཞི། · ko lpags kyi gzhi/


This text discusses the use of hides by members of the Buddhist monastic community for various occasions. It begins with a lengthy narrative on the life story of Śroṇa Koṭikarṇa, whose wandering in the realms of the hungry ghosts eventually led him to become an ordained Buddhist monk. Regulations on the matter of hides were first discussed when Śroṇa Koṭikarṇa, on behalf of his master Mahākātyāyana, asked the Blessed One five questions concerning the special circumstances in the region of Aśmāparāntaka. More rules were established to regulate the use of shoes and the materials that could be use to make shoes, rugs, sitting mats, as well as rules that regulate the use of tall and wide bed, issues concerning river-crossing, bathing, and the storage of tools for repairing shoes.

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Chapter 6: On Medicinal Materials

སྨན་གྱི་གཞི། · sman gyi gzhi/


Discusses the medicines allowed to monastics, such as ghee, oil, honey, and molasses; what monastics should not consume, such as human flesh; and related subjects such as how medicine should be stored, under what circumstances monastics are allowed to cook for themselves, and how to respond to a hostile doctor.

Title variants

  • 「律儀根本」之《藥本事》
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Chapter 7: On the Robes

གོས་ཀྱི་གཞི། · gos kyi gzhi/
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Chapter 8: On Turning Cloth into Robes

སྲ་བརྐྱང་གི་གཞི། · sra brkyang gi gzhi/
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Chapter 9: On the Monks of Kauśāmbī

ཀཽ་ཤཱམ་བཱིའི་གཞི། · kau shAm bI'i gzhi/
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Chapter 10: On Formal Acts

ལས་ཀྱི་གཞི། · las kyi gzhi/
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Chapter 11: On a Group of Troublesome Monks

དམར་སེར་ཅན་གྱི་གཞི། · dmar ser can gyi gzhi/
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Chapter 12: On Types of Person

གང་ཟག་གི་གཞི། · gang zag gi gzhi/
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Chapter 13: On Demotions

སྤོ་བའི་གཞི། · spo ba'i gzhi/
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Chapter 14: On Suspending the Restoration Rites

གསོ་སྦྱོང་གཞག་པའི་གཞི། · gso sbyong gzhag pa'i gzhi/
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Chapter 15: On Shelter

གནས་ལམ་གྱི་གཞི། · gnas lam gyi gzhi/
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Chapter 16: On Disputes

རྩོད་པའི་གཞི། · rtsod pa'i gzhi/
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Chapter 17: On Schisms in the Saṅgha

དགེ་འདུན་གྱི་དབྱེན་གྱི་གཞི། · dge 'dun gyi dbyen gyi gzhi/

Title variants

  • Saṅghabhedavastu
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