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བྱེ་བ་ལྡན། | Glossary of Terms


    bye ba ldan


  • Person
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Translation by Joseph McClellan
  • Kṣemavatī
  • བྱེ་བ་ལྡན།
  • བདེ་ལྡན་མ།
  • bye ba ldan
  • bde ldan ma
  • Kṣemavatī
  • Kṣemā

The mother of Suvarṇottamaprabhāsā, who was married to King Bimbisāra. She is likely to be the same person as Khemā in the Pali Canon, one of Bimbisāra’s consorts who became an arhat and bhikṣuṇī. See also UT22084-055-005-140.