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སྐར་མ་མདོག | Glossary of Terms


    ngang gis snang ba


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Translation by Peter Alan Roberts
  • Asteria
  • སྐར་མ་མདོག
  • ངང་གིས་སྣང་བ།
  • སྐར་མ་སྣང་བ།
  • skar ma mdog
  • ngang gis snang ba
  • skar ma snang ba
  • jyotīrasa

A precious gem that, when cut, shows a luminous star shape. This includes such gems as star sapphires, star rubies, and star topazes. In some Kangyurs written incorrectly as sgra snang ba and with a wide variety of other spelling renditions. Jyotīrasa is translated as skar ma mdog in The Lotus of the Good Dharma (Toh 113, Saddharma­puṇḍarīka).