Dedication-aspiration (Kangyur Section)

  • Skt.: Praṇidhāna
  • Tib.: bsngo smon shis brjod/

First published 2010. Last updated 6th Jun 2024.

A group of canonical texts used as dedication prayers and expressions of auspiciousness to conclude the Tantra Collection (Toh 809-827).

This group of texts is introduced in Situ Panchen’s catalog to the Degé Kangyur as a fifth subsection of the Tantra Compendium, in addition to the subsections containing tantric works of the four major categories, containing dedication prayers and expressions of auspiciousness as a concluding “branch of excellence” (phun sum tshogs pa’i yan lag).

The 19 works in the section are mainly short extracts from longer works. Toh 809-815 take the form of dedication prayers, while Toh 816-827 are mainly expressions of well-wishing and auspiciousness in verse.

The catalog only gives details of the first two texts, Toh 809 and 810, which are also the longest. The remaining works, it says, are present as final ornaments.