Aspiration (Kangyur Section)

  • Skt.: Praṇidhāna
  • Tib.: bsngo smon/

First published 2010. Last updated 2nd Aug 2023.

Canonical aspiration and dedication prayers to conclude the Compendium of Dhāraṇīs (Toh 1094-1108).

Fifteen works that bring the Dhāraṇī section to a conclusion with aspiration prayers, dedication, and expressions of auspiciousness.

Only two of these works, the Prayer of Maitreya (byams pa’i smon lam, Toh 1096) and Prayer of Sublime Action (mchog gi spyod pa’i smon lam, Toh 1097), are unique to this section and not duplicates of works elsewhere in the Kangyur.