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ན་རོ་པ། | Glossary of Terms


    na ro pa


  • Person
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Tantra Text Warning

Warning: Readers are reminded that according to Vajrayāna Buddhist tradition there are restrictions and commitments concerning tantra. Practitioners who are not sure if they should read this translation are advised to consult the authorities of their lineage. The responsibility for reading this text or sharing it with others who may or may not fulfill the requirements lies in the hands of readers.

Translation by Ryan Damron
  • Nāropa
  • ན་རོ་པ།
  • na ro pa
  • Nāropa

Indian scholar and practitioner (956 - 1041), a major figure in the transmission of tantric Buddhism to Tibet; earlier in his life he was an important paṇḍita of Nālandā, but left to become a yogi and siddha, the student of Tilopā, and later the teacher of Kukkuripa, Marpa, and others.