84000 Glossary of Terms

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ཤ་ར་དྭ་ཏིའི་བུ། | Glossary of Terms

  • ཤ་ར་དྭ་ཏིའི་བུ།

  • ཤ་རིའི་བུ།
  • ཤའ་རིའི་བུ།
  • ཤཱ་རི་བུ།
  • ཤཱ་རིའི་བུ་ཉེ་རྒྱལ།
  • ཤཱ་རིའི་བུ།
  • སཱ་རིའི་བུ།
  • sha ra dwa ti’i bu
  • sA ri’i bu
  • shA ri’i bu
  • shA ri bu
  • sh’a ri’i bu
  • shA ri’i bu nye rgyal
  • shA ri'i bu
  • śāriputra
  • śāriputra upatiṣya
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  • Person
Publications: 60

One of the principal śrāvaka disciples of the Buddha, he was renowned for his discipline and for having been praised by the Buddha as foremost of the wise (often paired with Maudgalyā­yana, who was praised as foremost in the capacity for miraculous powers). His father, Tiṣya, to honor Śāriputra’s mother, Śārikā, named him Śāradvatīputra, or, in its contracted form, Śāriputra, meaning “Śārikā’s Son.”