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འོག་མིན། | Glossary of Terms

  • འོག་མིན་གྱི་ལྷ།

  • འོག་མིན།
  • ’og min
  • ’og min gyi lha
  • akaniṣṭha
  • akaniṣṭhānāṃ devānām
  • akaniṣṭḥa
  • akaniṣṭhā
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  • Place
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The eighth and highest level of the Realm of Form (rūpadhātu), the last of the five pure abodes (śuddhāvāsa); it is only accessible as the result of specific states of dhyāna. According to some texts this is where non-returners (anāgāmin) dwell in their last lives. In other texts it is the realm of the enjoyment body (saṃbhoga­kāya) and is a buddhafield associated with the Buddha Vairocana; it is accessible only to bodhisattvas on the tenth level.