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    mchod rten


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The Tibetan translates both stūpa and caitya with the same word, mchod rten, meaning “basis” or “recipient” of offerings. Pali: cetiya.

A caitya, although sometimes synonymous with stūpa, can also in certain contexts refer to a temple that may or may not contain a stūpa, or to any place or sacred object, such as a relic, that is worthy of veneration.

A stūpa, literally “heap” or “mound,” is a mounded or circular structure usually containing relics of the Buddha or the masters of the past. It is considered to be a sacred object representing the awakened mind of a buddha, but the symbolism of the stūpa is complex, and its design varies throughout the Buddhist world. Stūpas continue to be erected today as objects of veneration and merit making.