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གཟུངས། | Glossary of Terms

  • གཟུངས་སྔགས།

  • གཟུངས།
  • gzungs
  • gzungs sngags
  • dhāraṇī (not attested in sanskrit manuscript)
  • dhāraṇī
  • dhāraṇā
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  • Term
  • Person
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The term dhāraṇī has the sense of something that “holds” or “retains,” and so it can refer to the special capacity of practitioners to memorize and recall detailed teachings. It can also refer to a verbal expression of the teachings‍—an incantation, spell, or mnemonic formula that distills and “holds” essential points of the Dharma and is used by practitioners to attain mundane and supramundane goals. The same term is also used to denote texts that contain such formulas.