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ཨེ་ལའི་འདབ་མ། | Glossary of Terms

  • ཨེ་ལའི་འདབ་མ།

  • ཨེ་ལའི་འདབ།
  • ཨེ་ལའི་ལོ་མ།
  • e la’i ’dab ma
  • e la’i ’dab
  • e la’i lo ma
  • elapatra
  • elāpattra
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  • Person
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A nāga king often present in the retinue of the Buddha Śākyamuni. According to the Vinaya, in the time of the Buddha Kāśyapa he had been a monk (bhikṣu) who angrily cut down a thorny bush at the entrance of his cave because it always snagged his robes. Cutting down bushes or even grass is contrary to the monastic rules and he did not confess his action. Therefore, he was reborn as a nāga with a tree growing out of his head, which caused him great pain whenever the wind blew. This tale is found represented in ancient sculpture and is often quoted to demonstrate how small misdeeds can lead to great consequences. See, e.g., Patrul Rinpoche, The Words of My Perfect Teacher.