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བྱང་ཆུབ་སྙིང་པོ། | Glossary of Terms

  • བོ་དྷི་མཎྜ།

  • བྱང་ཆུག་ཀྱི་སྙིང་པོ།
  • བྱང་ཆུབ་ཀྱི་སྙིང་པོ།
  • བྱང་ཆུབ་སྙིང་པོ།
  • སྙིང་པོ་བྱང་ཆུབ།
  • byang chub snying po
  • byang chub kyi snying po
  • byang chug kyi snying po
  • snying po byang chub
  • bo d+hi maN+Da
  • bodhimaṇḍa
  • bodhimaṇda
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  • Term
  • Place
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The place where the Buddha Śākyamuni achieved awakening and where every buddha will manifest the attainment of buddhahood. In our world this is understood to be located under the Bodhi tree, the Vajrāsana, in present-day Bodhgaya, India. It can also refer to the state of awakening itself.