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ཤྲཱིཿ། | Glossary of Terms


    dpal chen mo


  • Person
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Translation by Celso Wilkinson · Laura Goetz · L.S. Summer
  • Śrī
  • དཔལ།
  • dpal
  • Śrī

The goddess of fortune and prosperity, she is also known as Lakṣmī. In The Question of Mañjuśrī her image is the fifty-fifth of the eighty designs on the palms and soles of the Tathāgata.

Translation by Wiesiek Mical
  • Śrī
  • ཤྲཱིཿ།
  • དཔལ་ཆེན་མོ།
  • shrIH
  • dpal chen mo
  • Śrī

One of the epithets of Lakṣmī.