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Canonical texts have been the source of Buddhist traditions over the centuries. To have the entire Tibetan Buddhist Canon in English has the potential to transform the way we view, study, reference, and practice Buddhist philosophy, history, and its teachings. Imagine if our understanding of the Bible was still mediated through the handful of people who could read Aramaic?

By 2035, we will complete the translation and publication of the Kangyur. The last time this body of texts was translated into another language was an initiative that began in 900 AD.

250 per week

We are thrilled to welcome visitors from around the world to our website 2,500 times per week. Given that the 41 sūtras in our online Reading Room are downloadable in three formats, we hope many more are reading these sūtras offline.

242 countries

84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha has been accessed in 242 countries and regions around the world!

6,030 spent over 10 mins on the site

It is so encouraging to see that visitors are spending longer durations on our site than ever before, with over 6,000 people spending a minimum of ten minutes on our site and 1,378 spending well over half an hour. The functions available in our state-of-the-art online Reading Room offer readers the most intuitive and supportive experience in which to study the sūtras.

Most popular
43,610 views of the top 5 sūtras

To date in 2018, the following five sūtras have received a combined 43,610 views, out of the almost 150,000 views of our Reading Room this year:

  1. The King of Samādhis Sūtra
  2. The Transcendent Perfection of Wisdom in Ten Thousand Lines
  3. The Teaching of Vimalakīrti
  4. The Rice Seedling
  5. The Sūtra on Dependent Arising

With over 21,000 pages currently in translation, we look forward to giving free access to, and easy readability of, more sūtras to you soon.